Solution Technology Mutai Kelvin on Technology Innovative applications of new digital technology present opportunities for social and human services to reach more people with greater impact on our most vexing social problems.…

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Solution Security Mutai Kelvin on Security Peace and harmony is a basic prerequisite. Peace and harmony can bring a peaceful and stable order to society, and they are a necessary…

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Environment Conservation

Solution Environment Conservation Mutai Kelvin on Environment & Conservation Degradation of the environment, through poor waste management and deforestation, is a major challenge for Kenya. With the ensuing destruction of…

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Youth Empowerment

Solution Youth Empowerment Mutai Kelvin on Youth Empowerment We are all aware that we are facing a pressing problem of youth unemployment. Steadily worsening over the years, youth unemployment on…

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Access to Financial Resources

Solution Financial Capability For ALL Mutai on Access to Financial Resources for All Promoting an efficient, sustainable and widely accessible rural financial systems remains a major development challenge in our…

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Accountability & Transparency

Solution Accountability & Transparency Mutai Kelvin on Accountability & Transaparency Corruption has permeated all life facets from simple things like access to medical care, schools and jobs, to the grand…

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Food & Water Security

Solution Food & Water Security Mutai Kelvin on Food & Water Security To achieve Sustainable Development Goals of zero hunger (SDG 2), clean water and sanitation (SDG 6) and Climate…

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Solution Education Mutai Kelvin on Education There are many challenges that are facing the education sector in our country and our society. These challenges affect the students’ educational learning and…

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Solution Healthcare HEALTHCARE Mutai on Healthcare, Pros & Cons Our country is gearing up to achieve universal health coverage by 2022. Stakeholders are steadily building on the milestones achieved so…

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