Mutai Kelvin on Education

There are many challenges that are facing the education sector in our country and our society. These challenges affect the students’ educational learning and understanding in a big way. Politicians would rather embezzle the funds that are allocated for the purpose of developing secondary schools instead of investing in the schools. 

When it comes to the level of infrastructure in our schools, there is no debate that public school’s pupils and students make use of poor infrastructural structure during their studies. This includes the use of poorly built schools, which in turn negatively affects their level of understanding. An example could be pupils learning in a class which has little or no roofing or a wall; if it happens to rain? The only result is that either the lesson ends immediately or the students are dismissed for the day.

Poor government monitoring
We should have monitoring teams. Every local government should at least ensure they appoint or elect monitoring teams. These teams help the government by visiting various secondary schools and closely examining the quality of teachers, infrastructural level, and other key areas that needs to be examined in both primary, secondary schools and tertiary institutions. If this is effectively implemented, schools will ensure that students get the best form of quality education that can be.

Computer learning
It is no secret that computers are now taking the center stage of learning in the whole world. However, one of the major challenges students face is the non-availability of computers and computer instructors. Employing good instructors that are well paid will help the students to acquire the necessary skills needed in computer.

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