Mutai Kelvin – The Kenya Vision 2030 Infrastructure Plan

Mutai Kelvin – The Kenya Vision 2030 Infrastructure Plan

The Kenya Vision 2030 aims to transform Kenya into a newly industrializing “middle-income country
providing a high-quality life to all its citizens by the year 2030”. Infrastructure sector is one of the
foundations of the three pillars namely economic pillar, social pillar and political pillar which is expected to provide cost effective world-class infrastructure facilities and services in support of Vision 2030.

The Second Infrastructure Medium Term Plan (2013-2017) is the result of concerted efforts by the
Infrastructure Sector Working Group with input from the stakeholders. The plan has been prepared through a participatory process where stakeholders were consulted to provide their views on the performance of the sector and suggest strategies that the sector needs to implement in order to improve on the implementation of programmes and projects to meet the needs and aspirations of Kenyans.

The Plan seeks to build on the successes made in the infrastructure sector during the First Medium Plan (2008-2012). During the plan period, an estimated Kshs. 2 trillion will be required to finance the projects and programmes identified in the implementation matrix. Although there has been a significant improvement of physical infrastructure facilities in the country in the last five (5) years, there is still a huge deficit in infrastructure.

The Government will implement policy measures to address the gap with input from all stakeholders. The Sector will continuously evaluate its performance, identify areas where set targets were not met and come up with strategies which will enable it to meet the expectations of Kenyans during the plan period.

The implementation of this Plan will be the responsibility of specific Ministries/Departments/Agencies. The Sector will constantly monitor the implementation of targeted programmes and projects in order to ensure that mitigation measures are put in place in areas where the desired results are not achieved. The merging of various ministries within Infrastructure Sector during the current MTP period will enhance service delivery in the physical infrastructure in the country.

I pledge my support to the implementation of the Infrastructure Plan and hope that
it forms a foundation to enable all of us to work towards modernizing and transforming the physical
infrastructure facilities and services in support of the Kenya Vision 2030 aspirations.

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